3D’s on the trail

Hello Archers!

Summer is finally here! Come and enjoy your outdoor range. As it was very popular last year, we have installed a nice selection of 3D targets along the wooded path. These will be a permanent feature and remain in place for the summer months. More than 40 targets are now available along the trail for you to pratice your shooting!

!!!PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE TARGETS!!! As we use our ”less-than-perfect” targets 😉 to retain sufficient inventory for our annual tournaments, many of these targets are fragile and were repaired for this use. Most are nailed or glued in place. We ask that members move themselves along the shooting range to create different distances and interesting angles. Remember also to prioritize safety and courtesy while enjoying the range.

Please report any hazards or broken equipment by posting on our Facebook page or send an email to info@archersperrotdamois.com and our volunteers will address the situation promptly.

Note as well that mosquito repellent/Thermacells are a must at this time of year…They are thirsty!

Thank you for your collaboration, with pleasure!

The management.

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